Potentio Meter

 A potentiometer, often abbreviated as "pot" or "pots", is an electronic component that functions as a variable resistor. It consists of a resistive element with a sliding contact, called a wiper, that can be moved along the element to vary the resistance. Potentiometers are commonly used in electronic circuits for controlling the level or intensity of signals, such as in volume controls for audio equipment or brightness controls for displays.

There are two main types of potentiometers: linear and logarithmic (also known as audio-taper). Linear potentiometers have a uniform resistance change as the wiper moves along the element, while logarithmic potentiometers have a nonlinear response that matches the way the human ear perceives changes in volume. Potentiometers come in various sizes and types, with different resistance values and power ratings, and are available in both single and multi-turn versions.

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